Books Open and Broaden Our Mind

“Books open your mind, broaden your mind, and strengthen you as nothing else can.”  (William Feather Quotes)

My Thoughts:
Continuing to seek education through books and other ways of learning, increase our need to never stop wanting to strengthen our learning ability, that allows us to open and broaden our mind. Through books we can learn from the personalities of characters; compassion, caring, love, passion, and other emotional traits as well as learning to create things. There are so many educational things we can learn by reading books.

Books open and broaden our minds allowing us to challenge ourselves to become more than we are, by setting positive goals for ourselves, and overcoming doubts about our ability to receive the education we want to achieve.

Books in all categories are available for us to study to improve our ability for learning new things, and to receive the necessary education we desire to succeed in life.

__ Ellen J. Barrier/
Author/ Creative Writing/