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Doors are opened for performances from 4:00 p.m., to 10:00 p.m.

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Entertainers! Entrepreneurs! Family! Friends and Others!

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The Food will be free.  Alcoholic beverages will not be free.

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The Danger of A Lying Spirit

A lying spirit in the character of a person, is demonic. Such a spirit deceives and destroy others. If you read the following story, you will understand that a child can be possessed with a lying spirit.

False Accusation Of Rape By A 5- Year- Old Girl Convicted An Innocent Man

This is a 21-year-old male teaching at a early childhood educational center. The 5-year-old girl is a student at this school. She has accused him of taping her mouth shut, and raping her in the bathroom at the school. He is sentenced to prison for 25 years. He has spent 7 years in prison.

The investigation into the 5-year-old Girl's Story:

Upon the arrest of the 21-year-old man, who had no previous record of any kind with law enforcement, the  5-year-old girl was checked at a medical facility; the results showed an irritation, that was found to possibly have been due to masturbation. This report, was used as a backup to support the charge against the 21-year-old man.

Further investigation in this case, was done after the family of the 5-year-old girl, filed a lawsuit: Other reports noted that the 5-year-old girl, openly masturbated at the childhood educational center, and frequently watched adult films on cable television.

Prior to the girl accusing the 21-year-old male for sexually assaulting her, she was said to have accused a 5-year-old boy of having sexually assaulted her. Those allegations, were said to have been

According to the report, the insurance company paid the girl a settlement of $26,000 upfront and $1,000 per month for life. The conclusion of the investigation, resulted in an appeal of the case, after the insurance company became convinced that the 21-year-old man had been framed. The evidence persuaded the court to drop the case against the man, whom the family had filed a lawsuit against. The family reportedly, agreed to the court's decision.

Lies and Deceit Causes Harm

The prosecutor  was accused of withholding documents from the defense that
undercut the case of the falsely accused 21-year-old man, during his trial, according to report.
According to report, the judge presiding over the repealed case, called the district attorney's handling of the paperwork "cavalier and haphazard."

The mother of the 21-year-old man, spent a total of $45,000 in attorney fees.
During  the  7 years he spent in a prison for a crime he did not commit, the 21-year-old man is
said to have described his life as a "living nightmare" being battered by other inmates, and
sexually assaulted by a guard, who sexually assaulted him with a night stick. He further
stated, he considered killing himself. But each time the thought came, he remembered his
mother who he said, "stood by me, and said, over and over again, "My son is innocent, and
we are going to see this through.

The conclusion is a lie has the same harmful affect, whether it comes from the mouth of a child or an adult. Lies destroys innocent lives, can cause financial loss, and physical and psychological harm.

Written by Ellen Jean Barrier

Quotes by Ellen J Barrier

Ellen’s quotes

"Music is like medicine. It can bring relief to the aches and stressful situations that life brings. We live in a world of music. There is sound and rhythm everywhere we go!"— Ellen J. Barrier

Ellen’s quotes

"True Love Never Can Say Good-bye.
My Love for you is Forever"— Ellen J. Barrier

Ellen’s quotes

"Patience is the path to opportunities. We gain patience through prayer and meditation. Within that vein, we never consider ourselves having failed."— Ellen J. Barrier

Ellen’s quotes

"Music is like medicine. It can bring relief to the aches and stressful situations that life brings. We live in a world of music. There is sound and rhythm everywhere we go!"— Ellen J. Barrier