Loyalty in a Relationship Will Stabilize It

Loyalty is not in the heart of a wicked person. Wicked people attract others like themselves. If you give your heart to a wicked person, it will be broken. 

It is not wise to fall in love with a wicked person. The mind of a wicked person is unstable. Therefore, it can never be trusted to do the right thing in a relationship.

If you work to establish a future with a wicked person, all of your efforts will fail.
Strong people do not earn their wealth to build a future of financial stability, to be shared with a disloyal person.  

Weakness dwells within the bosom of a disloyal person.

Loyalty Dwells in the Bosom of True Love

This is where you will find strength, and trust, that is the foundation of an everlasting relationship, with the person that is your soulmate. This person will never break your heart.

__ Ellen J. Barrier/Musician/Singer/Songwriter/Creative Writing and
  Author of The Price We Must Pay For Our Father' Sins