Falling in Love with the Man who has it All

To fall in love with the man who has the looks, money, power and international popularity who use these things for evil, is the worst decision any female could ever make. In the end, she will pay the ultimate price.

The Price We Must Pay For Our Father’s Sins (ebook) 
Author: Ellen J. Barrier

 Nowhere to Run and No Place to Hide
"Where did I Go Wrong?"                                                              

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I Want to Be the One You Can't Live Without

The person who says "I want to be the one you can’t live without,"
should be able to back those words with action. Too many people accept those words alone.
This is why many relationships suffers and ends.  Trust need to be established first. It is the foundation a successful relationship is built upon. The person that wants to be the one you can’t live without; will be in the process of proving that to you long before he or she says those words to you.
“Love shown for those we care about, means more than words can say.”

__ Ellen J. Barrier 
Author/Spiritual Counselor


The Price We Must Pay For Our Father’s Sins

Description: Hardcover, consisting of 460 pages and a novel in ebook file
Deals with Real Life Social Issues: Domestic-Violence and Slave -Trafficking &
Other acts of violence
Violent acts committed against women and Girls are international serious problems.

__Author:  Ellen J. Barrier

Domestic-Violence Victims

Females are being battered and called names by the males in their lives. Teenage girls who are in such relationships are experiencing the same kind of treatment as battered women. Date rape is reported among these teens as well.

Slave -Trafficking

This is a serious international problem.  Adults and children are either bought or sold into servitude and prostitution around the world. Reports of violence against these victims are increasing rapidly. They are being held for ransom, beaten and tortured. Many of these victims are said to have been abducted by gangsters who were hired by smugglers.

Neither a divorce nor a restraining order has protected some females from being killed or seriously harmed, by the males who battered them.

The purpose of writing The Price We Must Pay For Our Father’s Sins is to educate and bring awareness to these social issues.
__ Ellen J. Barrier
Author/Spiritual Counselor/
Medical Professional

Official Selection for Best Screenplay 2013
At The Beverly Hills Film Festival:

Film Type:/Feature /Theatrical /TV/ Lifetime

True Love Never says Good-Bye

This is my vow I am making to you, it will be forever_
I will never say good-bye to you, and this is why:
My love for you is true. I can never say good-bye to someone as special as you.
True Love never says good-bye_
I will never close the door to this special love I have for you, and this is why:
Even though life may take me far away from you; that will not be my choice__
I will feel remorse for having to depart:
But this is my promise and vow, I am making to you from my heart;
Regardless of time, space, and place, my love will always be true to you_
I can never say good-bye to you.
True Love never says good-bye, and this is why: True Love last forever.

__ Ellen J. Barrier
Author/ Musician/Songwriter/

There is no Fear in True Love

I will address "Love and Fear" from a relationship point of view.  If you are in a relationship and you fear the person who said they love you, but they are abusive or disrespectful, that is not love.

Love is an Expressed Emotion

Love comforts, it is gentle, it is warm and protective. You can feel it within your entire being. If the person who you are in a relationship with never said to you "I love you" but you feel all of those things I said love is: Would you question their love for you?

 Therefore, True Love never has a need to be doubted. True Love is a beautiful expressed emotion that is experienced between two people.

__Ellen J. Barrier

Expressing Doubt in a Relationship

It is not a good idea to ask the person you are involved in a relationship with: 
Do you love me?
If they say, yes to your question, you will not know if they are actually telling you the truth. 
In a sense, you are putting that individual in an uncomfortable position, by forcing an answer you want to hear, rather than the answer they are ready to give you.
Words alone, means nothing.
Love is expressed.

__Ellen J. Barrier
Author/Creative Writer

The Power of Love

Love is an exciting spiritual and uniting force that binds and connects two hearts and souls together as one, in a way that only the two people know they were meant to be together. Romantic novels, movies, and songs detail the effects of love and stirs emotions that leaves the listeners and viewing audiences wanting more! Readers of romance novels keep the writers busy. 

 Love looks beyond what the human eyes see, and far into the souls where it find comfort, joy, happiness and peace, that words can't explain and neither can the mind comprehend in two people. There is nothing that can break that bond. It can cause individuals to leave their families miles away; crossing cities, states, and countries to be together.

___ Ellen J. Barrier
Author/Creative Writer/Musician/Songwriter

"The Power of Love"
written by Ellen J. Barrier

Death is The Inevitable Price

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The Price We Must Pay For Our Father’s Sins
Book & Story by Ellen J. Barrier

"Death is the inevitable price we must pay.
Freedom is not a thing my family nor myself have ever experienced.

Our father's evilness prevented us from being free.
I am prepared to accept whatever the outcome bring my way.
This is The Price We Must Pay for Our Father's Sins."
Antonio Elliott