How to Trust God When all Other Resources Have Failed

From: How to Trust God When all Other Resources Have Failed
The Road to Success and Prosperity (chapter 6)
I had to trust God to help me to start over, based on his promises
I read in the bible.  After having lost all of my finances, home, vehicles
and other things I had accomplished, due to evil acts of revenge from
an individual along with some others; I was confronted with some very
tough challenges.

How to Deal with Stress (Chapter 14)
During my encounters with those who caused great losses for me;
both my parents passed away within a short period of time. This was
added stress.
Due to stress, I wasn’t able to sleep at night.
I suffered from severe sleeping disorders.
I was afraid to fall asleep for fear I wouldn’t wakeup.

The Existence of Demonic Spirits Today (Chapter 12)
My days were filled with prayers, and I gained spiritual strength.
I learned to trust God. My nights were filled with terror during my sleep.
Demons are real:
I was vulnerable to demonic attacks in my sleep.
During my sleep, a heavy individual would sit on my chest, and cause me to
experience severe breathing difficulties.
There appeared a dark hole with lots of debris blowing out of it, in front of me.
This voice would say to me, “Die!”  “Die!”  “Die!” and this individual would
try to pull me into that hole. I couldn’t move. And I would try to make a
sound to call for help. The only sound I could make was a faint moan.

God’s Purpose for My Life
I cried to God with desperation for his help.
I said, Lord, I am not going to ask you why all of these thing are
happening to me, I just want you to tell me that everything is going
to be alright. I was tired from the struggles, and not being able to sleep.
And he answered me supernaturally. He comforted me and gave me peace.
He let me know how much he loves me. And that he did not get any
pleasure from my suffering.

God restores things he allows to be taken with added blessings.
He allows attacks upon us for a purpose to strengthen us.
It is only with God’s permission that demons are allowed to harm us.
They are forbidden to take our lives.

__ Ellen J. Barrier

ISBN: 978-0-9794043-0-6      Author: Ellen J. Barrier

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