When Lies Destroys

Standing up against lies means facing challenges. However, when we know that lies are causing harm that can destroy innocent lives, we should stand up for the right thing and resist such individuals bad behavior.

Standing up for the right thing, can sometimes be painful when one has to make a sacrifice to challenge this kind of behavior.

In this case an innocent woman was falsely accused of kidnapping her own child at birth, by another woman who knew she was intentionally lying so she could cover up a mistake she had made that she could benefit from, by replacing her deceased child with a living child.

The false accuser had put her baby in bed with her for the night, and had caused the baby's death, by laying on it.  When the two women stood before the king to argue their case, both claimed to be the mother of the living child. So, the king ordered  a sword to be brought to him. He informed the women that this case could be resolved if he cut the child in half and gave each woman half of the child.

The birth mother of the baby, said no, to the king and asked that he spare the child's life. And she asked him to give the child to the mother of the deceased child. But her false accuser refused to take the child alive, and asked the king to not allow the child to belong to either of them. Instead, to kill the child and give each of them half.

The king knew that the mother who was willing to stand up for the right thing, even though she would be accused of having kidnapped this child, and would have to live with this painful sacrifice of giving her child up in order to space his life, was the child's birth mother. Therefore, he allowed her to keep the child.

When those who are in positions to uphold the laws use them to defend innocent people, they are standing up for the right thing. This is when the wheel of justice is turning in the right direction.
If we the people, are not willing to stand up against liars and challenge them to prevent their lies from destroying innocent lives, the reputation of others, and even our own, we risk having to pay for their evil behavior.

My Movie: The Price We Must Pay For Our Father's Sins
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This novel is based on the life of Priscilla Emerson and her family.  Priscilla was a beautiful young woman who graduated from law school, with a promising future in the field of law.  However, on the day she became Mrs. Jim Elliott, every one of her dreams were destroyed. Jim Elliott was not an ordinary man. He was possessed with demons, a man without a conscious. But, Priscilla didn't realize this horrible truth about her husband, until it was too late.  Jim Elliott was the leader of a corrupt and evil organization, whose purpose was to torture and kill those who they wanted out of society. The price Priscilla and her family paid for the sins Jim Elliott  committed in his organization, was called "The Ultimate Price."

"Death is The Inevitable Price We Must Pay,"  said Antonio Elliott, the son of Jim Elliott.
"How can a dead person reach beyond the grave and continue to destroy and dominate some else's life?"  Priscilla asked

Those who have read this novel, describes it as "A life story everyone should read."

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