Ellen J. Barrier/author

The Price We Must Pay For Our Father's Sins
Author: Ellen J. Barrier

Novel: Based on the life of Priscilla Emerson and Her Family.

Priscilla was a beautiful young woman who graduated from law school, with a promising future in the field of law. However, on the day she became Mrs. Jim Elliott, every one of her dreams were destroyed. Jim Elliott was not an ordinary man, he was possessed with demons. But, Priscilla didn’t realize this horrible truth about her husband, until it was too late.

The price Priscilla and their children paid for Jim’s sins were so great it caused their son Tony, to ask, “Why, must we pay for our father’s sins?”

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Beneath the branches, he saw the body of a man. With a green stick he began pushing the branches away frantically from the body, despite the severe pain he endured from the intense heat.              

Audio: (Novel) Part 1: and Part 2 

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