Where Happiness Lies

Ellen J. Barrier
"Happiness is when the body, mind, and soul experience a sense of complete wholeness."
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Many people search for happiness, and never find it. Each individual has his or her own mindset how to achieve happiness. Most believe that if they become rich and famous, they will achieve happiness.

Some search for a perfect relationship with several companions, looking for happiness and never find it. Sometimes along the path for the search of happiness, the explorers only find disappointment and sadness at the end of their journey.

And yet, there are those who aren't rich and famous, many of whom are hardworking people making the best of what they have. Some are very poor financially, but among them are some very special people; they thank God for the things they have. Within them lies that special joy and happiness, they never searched for. They have hope, because they are achievers of something that is priceless; Happiness

__ Ellen J. Barrier
Author/Musician/Spiritual Counselor

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